International Journal of Art & Design Education

The Archives of the N S E A D

Volume 7.1   1988



The paper provides guidance for accessing the archives of the National Society for Education in Art and Design, catalogued by the author for the period 1887 - 1983, that trace the history of the Society from its humble beginnings to a highly respected national society that is consulted first on any matters involving art and design education in Great Britain. The arrangement and listing of the archives for the purpose of accessing information lends itself to division into four sub?groups. The paper summarises each sub?group under its respective heading:

  • Papers relating to the establishment of the Society of Art Masters 1887?1937
  • Trust Deeds, Official Address, Publishing and Printing, Insurance: 1913 - 1938
  • Minutes of Meetings, 1921 - 1973
  • Minutes and Correspondence, 1945 - 1983
  • Publications 1888-1963.