International Journal of Art & Design Education

Response to 'Aesthetic Development'

Volume 3.3   1984



The response by the National Society for Art Education (NSAE) to the Assessment of Performance Unit's (APU) 1983 publication: 'Discussion Document on the Assessment of Aesthetic Development through Engagement in the Creative and Performing Arts'. The NSAE was unconvinced that the proposed framework for assessment is defensible, sufficiently flexible to accommodate alternative methods of assessment, nor sufficiently developed to convince teachers of its value and necessary authority. Profound reservations about the philosophical basis and implications of grouping the artistic subjects under the heading aesthetic have not been dispelled by close study of the report. The NSAE argued that the document failed to distinguish, consistently, the aesthetic from the artistic and that, therefore it was difficult to give much credence to the statement that 'more learning is involved in arts education than aesthetics'.