International Journal of Art & Design Education

A Darwinian Model for Art Education

Volume 7.3   1988



Ronald MacGregor offers a particularly interesting example of a system of thought that might be applied to historical analysis. While we are perhaps familiar with arguments that cultures progress as a result of material advances, or because diametrically opposed values manifest themselves, demand resolution and thus give rise to unsuspected, superior conditions. MacGregor looks at our discipline as if it were a culture in its own right, asks himself whether Darwinian principles of organic evolution illuminate the ways in which it develops through the corporate efforts of thinkers and activists, and finds a surprisingly convincing comparison. He summarises five principles of Darwinian evolution that must apply to the historic development of art and design education if Darwinianism is to be regarded as a useful analogy. The editor of the Journal links the five principles to other papers published in JADE Vol 7 No.3