International Journal of Art & Design Education

Computer Aided Design in Industrial Design Education

Volume 14.1   1995



In general, Industrial Design BA courses have been slow to formulate a coherent strategy for the inclusion, implementation and integration of computers into their teaching. CAD hardware and software has appeared in many institutions as a result of the enthusiasm of one or two enthusiastic individuals. The possession of the equipment to a large extent determines what kind of use can be made of it, and this is also subject to the vagaries of staff time and expertise, both of which are often in short supply. Basic questions, such as 'What is the purpose of CAD education in this course?' or 'What kind of computing do the students really need?' are often by-passed until it is too late. Over the last three years at Sheffield Hallam University a conscious attempt has been made to evolve an approach which begins with questions such as these and results in a coherent teaching and learning strategy for students.