International Journal of Art & Design Education

Trachea: A Finnish-Lithuanian Art Education Project

Volume 17.3   1998



Trachea is a special creative arts project funded through the Ministry of Education, with additional funding from the Annantalo Arts Centre, the Arts Council of Finland and the Open Lithuania Foundation. It is a joint project undertaken by a group of Finns and Lithuanians in 1996-1997, its aim being to bridge the gap between contemporary art and art education. One of its key themes was the process of identity-formation and its relationship with the external world, the mind and the body. The further the project progressed, the more the students drew on their own experiences and boldly used their bodies as the medium and content of their art-making. In a series of performance-type exercises based on dialogues between the students, the workshops explored the communication that takes place between the subconscious and the emotions. Through actions, performance and works of art, Trachea gave a visible form to what is otherwise invisible.