International Journal of Art & Design Education

Life as Lived and Life as Told: Exploring Relationships between Art and Science

Volume 14.2   1995



In relating and differentiating between art and science, the paper distinguishes between life as lived and life as told. Life as told is seen as a people's ability to construct a shell of favoured experiences and ceremonies around itself (including, of course, its art forms). These, then, become the official record, the means by which the group ensures that it will be remembered in its preferred light. Life as lived, by contrast, is the factual record of day-to-day happenings, largely built around those things that account for particular physical states of affairs. The contrast turns out to be too simplistic. What began as a tidy dichotomy degenerates into an untidy continuum. But in doing so, I suggest it has gained some greater measure of reality. Perhaps, also, the important thing is not so much that art and science now seem to occupy interchangeable positions on the continuum, but rather, that it does not matter that they do.