International Journal of Art & Design Education

The ‘Night Owl’ Learning Style of Art Students: Creativity and Daily Rhythm

Volume 27.2   2008

Wang, Sy-Chyi and Jin-Yuan Chern


This article explores the deep-rooted ‘night owl’ image of art practitioners and calls for attention on a consideration of the time for learning in art. It has been recognised that the human body has its own internal timings and knowing the ‘time’ pattern is important for better productivity in conducting creativity-related activities.
This study surveyed 230 art students and 251 management students in a university and examined if there existed any cross-disciplinary differences in terms of self-confidence of creative ability, preferences of a particular time for creativity tasks, and routine patterns for daily activities such as getting up, going to bed and working.
The results reveal that the art students have more confidence in their creative ability than the management students; about 58 per cent of the art students feel more creative after 10p.m., as opposed to 29.2 per cent of the management students; and there exist significant differences between the two groups in terms of what time they get up, go to sleep and prefer to work.