International Journal of Art & Design Education

A Comparative Study of Further Education Staff Attitudes to Multi-cultural and Racist Reforms in Art and Design Education

Volume 14.2   1995



My initial interest in multi-cultural art education coupled with a wish to promote more cultural equality was inspired by my two years teaching experience in Kenya, Africa. The contrast of cultures gave me an objective view of my own culture on my return home and I found that I had not only changed as a person as a result, but wanted to continue that change. Noting quite racist views in some of my colleagues, I chose to investigate to what extent Further Education staff in art and design were racist, and to consider how that might affect students' performance in terms of self-esteem, achievement and assessment. A psychodynamic approach was taken to the interview schedule and a Race Awareness Training (RAT) was used, with specific criteria to base and analyse the data collected during the research. An interpretative paradigm was used in the final analysis and evaluation of this small scale study. The qualitative methodology used was felt to be more applicable to a personal approach because it gained clearer and more honest information in this sensitive field.