International Journal of Art & Design Education

Post-Modernism and the Art Curriculum: A New Subjectivity

Volume 18.1   1999



The aesthetic dimension can be mapped onto the University as a space of critical reflection. Like art, academic work neutralises suffering, turns it into text. But, also like art, it is a site for criticality. Its required separateness from everyday life allows the critical distance without which alternative futures could not be imagined. In this respect, art is not different from other discursive disciplines. If it has a curriculum, this is not a matter of the transmission of given taxonomies (of media or of styles) any more than a programme to paint better pictures. It is not, despite the spread of the label as a course title, a matter of art as a social process, but of art as a critical process, of a continuous criticism of society which is inherently political but which can take place as well in the studio as in the street.