International Journal of Art & Design Education

Thoughts on a Relevant Art Curriculum for the 21st Century

Volume 18.1   1999



For the purposes of this paper I would like to look very briefly at two areas located to a greater or lesser degree in the experience of all teachers, namely Western fine art and popular culture. In doing so I am very aware that a section is not given over to Black Art. This contemporary movement in British art is a crucial development in practice which deals powerfully with many of the concerns addressed in this paper. Eddie Chambers, Shanti Thomas, Rita Keegan, Sonia Boyce, and many others are redefining the way we see ourselves and the way we are represented by others. Their work should be at the centre of an inclusive curriculum. My intention in the limited space allowed here, however, is to demonstrate the potential for change through a shift in focus on canonical texts and its flip side, popular culture.