International Journal of Art & Design Education

Postmodern Feminisms: Problematic Paradigms

Volume 18.3   1999



Over the last five years constant challenges to curriculum provision have all but resulted in a loss of contact as educators pull back into ‘safe’ places and away from the edges where feminist art practices were just starting to take hold. The recent publication of the 'Manifesto for Art' 1999 which calls for a postmodern view of art with an emphasis on ‘difference, plurality and independence of mind’ can, all too easily, be read as a panacea ‘a postmodern solution to a postmodern situation.’ This paper examines how embracing postmodern pluralism can create as many problems as it solves. This paper raises questions in order to encourage teachers to reflect upon existing practices with a view to identifying what is still missing and why. It sets out to interrogate implications for pedagogy, educational policy and social transformation of the contemporary academic preoccupation with postmodernism.