International Journal of Art & Design Education

DATEC: Art for Art's Sake – or a Job as Well?

Volume 2.1   1983



DATEC was an arm of the Technician Education Council (TEC), which, in 1973, was given responsibility for unifying technician education in the non-degree sector. Art and design was added to the TEC portfolio following recommendation by the GANN report published in 1977. This paper describes the distinctive features of DATEC courses and how they differ from degrees. It describes the four available awards - certificate, diploma, higher certificate and higher diploma. The paper also describes the four main areas into which awards fall - visual communication, fashion/textiles, three-dimensional design and general art and design. The paper begins with a generalised description of the career opportunities available to students who have studied art and design, and proposes broad definitions of the two distinct areas of art and design. A comprehensive diagram shows the pattern of courses and study routes from full-time secondary education to postgraduate or employment levels.