International Journal of Art & Design Education

Artist in Residence at Drumcroon: an Educational Experience

Volume 2.1   1983



This paper describes the experiences of the author, who was appointed Artist in Residence at the Drumcroon Art Centre in Wigan during the year 1981/82. The centre, which had opened the year prior to her sabbatical year, caters for a wide audience from schools, colleges and the general public. The scheme involves seconding a teacher from within the local authority's schools, and the author describes how her experience impacted upon her work and that of her colleagues as Art educators. Specific examples of interaction between the artist in residence and visitors to the gallery are described, particularly those involving children from local schools. The evolution of a satisfactory pattern of working is explored and the impact which this has had on subsequent practice and teaching. The paper is illustrated with examples of sculptures and drawings produced during the residency.