International Journal of Art & Design Education

A Framework for the Consideration of Art Education

Volume 2.3   1983



Starting from the premise that the teacher must have some sort of framework to enable him to select the appropriate courses to achieve his aims, this paper argues that the framework, within which art education is currently discussed, has more to do with the theories of the academics than with the practice of art teachers. Theoretical frameworks do not encourage and enable teachers involved with art education to negotiate different approaches, rationales and meanings. The author proposes that the framework for negotiating different meanings in art education should be like a map, encouraging the negotiation and exchange of ideas in terms of their effectiveness and appropriateness. Based on a definition of the nature of art as the use of media to organise our subjective response to experience in some visual form, a framework is proposed, and this process model applied to art education. This model is based on three elements - concepts, procedures and criteria. The framework is presented for consideration for all aspects of art education, including practice and theory.