International Journal of Art & Design Education

Problems of Assessment and Examination in Art Education

Volume 2.3   1983



This paper argues that assessment and examinations are vital to the development of art education. Art teachers employ procedures not unlike those quoted in the Waddell report with regard to devising aims, objectives, syllabuses and forms of assessment. The paper outlines the move from 1977 to 1983 in England and Wales towards greater accountability in art education. The author discusses the vulnerability of art education in the light of the current thinking that the purpose of education is or must be vocational. This is followed by an evaluation of the uses of the public examination system and, in particular, the present system of examining in art. Rationales of art education are compared before justifying the conclusion that criterion-referenced assessment and examination procedures envisaged for the new 16+ examinations may have a beneficially formative effect on curricula in art.