International Journal of Art & Design Education

New Realities in Teacher Education

Volume 12.1   1993



The realities that concern the author of this paper are those of being and becoming an art teacher. The aim is to explore them with reference to the concept of teaching as a profession and the implications of the new teacher education reforms for the NSEAD. Mason focuses on teacher training and takes at least in part a deliberately autobiographical approach. Mason states that the topic is one on which she has a longstanding `insider' perspective and she expresses concern about the number of `outsider' viewpoints on teacher education being afforded credence at the present time. The author identifies drawing on personal experience as a way of questioning the concept of `objectivity' in what she understands to be a predominantly male-oriented professional literature. She notes a mismatch between the art knowledge that the majority of art and design graduates possess, and the art knowledge that will be required to do justice to much of the N C non-statutory guidance (especially its Critical Studies aspects). Her main concern is the reform of teacher education, and in particular its substantial devolvement from the teacher education institutions to school-based professional training.