International Journal of Art & Design Education

Living there: Herbert Read’s Education through Art’ Fifty Years On

Volume 12.2   1993



One of a number of papers in the Volume 12, 2 of the Journal that celebrate the centenary of the birth of Herbert Read who served the Society for Education in Art (SEA), an antecedent of NSEAD, as Chair and President for twenty-two years. It is also marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of his book ‘Education through Art’.

Ross identifies a core of continuing relevance in Read's philosophy that merits re-recognition, and certainly deserves to survive what may be regarded as old-fashioned and naively idealistic in the psychological justifications that READ regarded as his theory's concrete basis. Ross argues that if we disregard such aspects, and especially if we set aside Read's too-strong commitment to an undirected education, there is an essence in ‘Education through Art’ which encapsulates what the majority of art teachers will acknowledge as an appropriate credo.