International Journal of Art & Design Education

Compatibility; Incompatibility? Froebelian Principles and the Art National Curriculum

Volume 12.2   1993



Payne questions, as some have claimed, whether Froebel’s educational ideas have been so persuasive that they have been absorbed into the system. She argues that with the advent of the National Curriculum the question arises as to whether the teaching of young children in the public sector can continue to be underpinned in the Froebelian tradition. As many Froebel-trained teachers work in schools, and indeed students continue to be trained in the tradition, it is important to consider if the National Curriculum can be delivered, as all teachers in state schools are bound to do by law, without the teacher compromising hisor her integrity with regard to educational beliefs. If Froebel's ideas have been absorbed she argues that this, will be evident in the core and foundation subjects. If this factor can be recognised in the content and approach of the programmes of study there will be compatibility between the two systems – good new for Froebel-trained teachers in United Kingdom primary schools. This paper considers the extent to which the assimilation of Froebel’s thinking can be recognised in the National Curriculum for Art.