International Journal of Art & Design Education

Art, Photography and Technology: Continuing Historical Narratives

Volume 15.1   1996



Multimedia, whether carried on CD Rom platforms, or accessed online remains a form, or rather, many forms, in its/their infancy. Each example of published CD to date clearly borrows codes and conventions from previous forms - the slidetape lecture, and structures from drama, literature, television or film. What is interesting about any significant use of multimedia, whether on CD or as part of gallery installation, there is a sustained continuity in the use of the photographic image. There is an overriding reason for this. As historical archives are made accessible through digital mediums, as an information hungry new medium hunts for material, the history of the world as it has been rendered in photographs over the last 150 years spills out. Perhaps the new medium will help us sort out the past as well as lead us into the future.