International Journal of Art & Design Education

Current Issues in Art and Design Education: Resistance and the Freedom to Fly

Volume 6.1   1987



This paper reviews the statistics of participation in the primary, secondary and tertiary phases of art education in Britain available to the author in autumn 1986. It explores application data for Higher Education, the impact of Government funding cuts and the examination qualifications of those entering higher degree courses. The paper addresses issues of morale, leadership and design education. It examines relationships with craft and Craft, Design and Technology (CDT), the arts and aesthetic education and the importance of research. It inquires into the effect of falling rolls, and
notes the publication of the first ever national criteria for art and design education for 16+ examinations. Generally it gives a broad survey of the various concerns of the mid 1980s mentioning many of the important publications of the period, noting their influence. It ends on a note of optimism asserting the strong establishment of art and design education in general education and the progress made in articulating the case for art, craft and design in a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.