International Journal of Art & Design Education

Choreography of Drawing: The Consciousness of the Body in the Space of a Drawing

Volume 21.3   2002



These drawing activities explore the dynamic interrelationship between participants, the choreographic dessinateur and the resulting surface action on both the vertical and horizontal plane of a drawing. Concrete and direct observable behaviours of the participants and resulting graphic marks of the drawing, left as a trace of that activity, are major considerations, these are seen as the facts of the dynamic relationship. What I am looking at therefore, takes account of this as the initial infrastructure from where all other possibilities collide as things from one’s immediate past and pre histories even older than the self. These drawings, for example, do not represent anything other than what they are, physical human actions. They avoid structures which pay respect to themes and variations or which deliberately choose psychological or emotional undertones. Instead these are choreographic drawing actions, which may evoke possible fictions for the embodiment of the human form in phenomenological time and space.