International Journal of Art & Design Education

The Art and Design Directory: Reaching the Parts?

Volume 23.1   2004



The title of this paper is derived from the advertising campaign of a well-known drinks company that claimed to reach the parts that its competitors did not. It could be argued that it is an equally appropriate description of the principles underpinning the Art and Design Directory, a weekend staff development event in Scotland. The mantra of ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) sits at the heart of a recent pay and conditions settlement in Scotland [1], but what kind of CPD exists for art and design and who provides it? In Scotland, as in many other countries, CPD in art and design has been on the decline. The Art and Design Directory was developed as a response to this situation. This paper traces the background to the Directory, outlines the staff development model adopted, and concludes with an evaluation of a recent event and the thought that the model may be capable of replication by art educators in other parts of the world.