International Journal of Art & Design Education


Volume 22.2   2003



This contribution is an introduction to an online forum, Vivarium, at the new opened web site. The site will be accessible to an audience of: educationalists, artists, producers, development agencies and funding bodies. The forum will discuss the artist as educator, the culture of art in education, and explicitly Live Art as tool for rendering social issues for exploration in the classrooms of the future. In an era of global ecologies of information, offering users data on everything from hydroponics to Derrida┬╣s text The Truth in Painting, fertile knowledge is increasingly accessed through non-hierarchical networks. In such a terrain, a new post-pedagogical approach to creativity appears essential if we hope to excite, channel and challenge young people.

This paper charts a series of critical issues that readers are invited to develop and discuss online, but perhaps more importantly signifies potential topics that might return in a series of subsequent dialogues commissioned by the Arts Council England for Vivarium. The broader aim of Vivarium is to create a context to frame potential initiatives that might be delivered through Creative Partnerships, the unprecedented Arts Council England initiative, promoting cultural and creative activity for young people.