International Journal of Art & Design Education

The importance of painting in pedagogic practice

Volume 23.3   2004



In this paper I emphasise the continuing importance of painting as a critical art practice. Contemporary art has always, naturally, reflected the development and exploration of new technologies and our current postmodern era is no different. However, despite our obsession with, and increasing reliance on, computer and film-based technologies, it is interesting that traditional methods of making art remain a valid means of expression.

One reason for the continuing persistence of painting can be located in the early years classroom. In its very physical guise of constructing a world through materials, painting continues to be relevant to children and adults of all ages. Furthermore, because of its expressive potential in the classroom and studio alike, painting retains an authentic voice, legitimated by the past, rather than hidebound by its traditions. Painting constitutes a living discourse which speaks directly and unequivocally to the present age.