International Journal of Art & Design Education

An Experimental Study in Architectural Design Studio: The Search for Three-Dimensional Form and Aesthetics through Clay

Volume 24.3   2005



In architectural design education, the main objective is to help students, especially the first year students, improve their design ideas, creativity, perception of three-dimensions and the ways of expressing them. Thus, as an embedded concept in architecture, art has been emphasized here as a design method. In other words, the necessary help to enable students to think more freely has been provided by ceramic art. The concept dealt with in this article is an interdisciplinary approach to space design as an experimental method in design education. Just as fine art students are inspired from the principles of architecture, clay, as basic material to fine art students, makes a creative material and design tool for architecture students. In the Design courses; a workshop was organized by the first author, the instructor, for the first and third year architecture students. The second author, a ceramics artist and lecturer, has participated in the workshop as a visiting instructor and contributed with her own studies related to space, house, building and materials.