International Journal of Art & Design Education

GNVQs: The Context, the Rhetoric and the Reality

Volume 15.2   1996



There is a philosophical divide within thinking on education and greater conformity in all aspects of education and training. If the industry-led bodies responsible for setting up S/NVQs are disbanded and new Industrial Training Organisations established under the aegis of the DfEE or NCVQ, the next logical step might be to merge the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority with the NCVQ with the danger of an increased emphasis on training at the expense of what remains of a broad liberal education. In these circumstances, we should continue to press, among other priorities, for further improvements to the GNVQ qualification. While it is valid to emphasise the economic importance of the arts and cultural industries, we should not forget that education in and through the arts has a far wider importance in society than its narrow utilitarian/vocational role.