International Journal of Art & Design Education

Interior Design in Architectural Education

Volume 25.2   2006



The domain of interiors constitutes a point of tension between practicing architects and interior designers. Design of interior spaces is a significant part of architectural profession. Yet, to what extent does architectural education keep pace with changing demands in rendering topics that are identified as pertinent to the design of interiors? This study explores interior design-related coursework taught in accredited architectural programmes in the United States. Two methods of collecting data are used: self report from architectural programme chairs and content analysis of web-site posted programme catalogues describing course content. The findings show that many interior design concepts are not well addressed in the architectural curricula [1]. On average, only 0.44% of program content is dedicated to curricula focusing on knowledge and skills in shaping interiors. These findings offer a parameter to educators who are involved in assessing and reforming architectural education by expanding issues of design in general. The authors contend that the pedagogical approach in architectural programmes would benefit from the inclusion of more interior design concepts and through such education efforts the stature of interior design is likely to be improved.