International Journal of Art & Design Education

A Cross-Cultural Study of Art Teacher Education in Taiwan and England

Volume 25.2   2006



This aim of this research was to investigate art teacher education in Taiwan and England to gain insights into two art education systems with a view to improving art teacher education in Taiwan. To achieve this aim, a cross-cultural study using a multi-method approach was adopted and data was collected over three years of full-time study in England and four academic years of reflection on teaching in art teacher education in Taiwan. This research revealed how complex and hazardous it is to state categorically what the similarities and differences really are between two art teacher education systems, especially in a subject as ill-defined as art. Nonetheless, this study did produce some important differences in the two art teacher education systems in aspects of (i) government regulations and institutional provision, (ii) theoretical underpinning, (iii) art curriculum policy and delivery, and (iv) cultural differences affecting art teachers’ attitudes and values.