International Journal of Art & Design Education

Design Theory and Design Practice within Sloyd Education

Volume 28.1   2009



This article is part of a formal research project concerning design as an integrated part of sloyd education. The concept of 'sloyd education' is used in the Nordic countries as an umbrella term for different educational crafts whose scientific basis is to be found in the university subjects Sloyd Education and Crafts Science. The aim of the whole project is to develop methods for teaching design theory and design practice within sloyd teacher education. By analysing the design processes of five design students during an MA course in Fashion and Textiles, an account of the kind of design knowledge the students are working on during the process, and how iterativeness and multi-layered procedures, which are characteristic for the design process of a single student, is built up. The results of the analysis show that during the design process the students concentrate on technological and aesthetical knowledge and that the design process can be very varied and have its starting points both in images and in concrete materials.