International Journal of Art & Design Education

The Creation of the 'Hong Kong Visual Arts Education Web' and the Use of the Inquiry-Based Teaching Approach

Volume 28.2   2009



This article describes a collaborative action research conducted by a lecturer and several primary school art teachers, who between 2001 and 2006 created the Visual Arts Education Web ('iii web') in Hong Kong. The creation of the 'iii web' was accomplished through research that employed questionnaires, focus group discussions and individual interviews. Teachers' perceptions of using websites in teaching were examined, art education websites from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and the USA were compared, in order to create a website that could meet the needs of Hong Kong primary school art teachers. Inquiry-based learning is one of the important teaching approaches that were introduced during the Hong Kong Education Reform in 2003. An example of using the 'iii web' to teach public art is described to illustrate how the teacher and students used inquiry-based learning in art education.