International Journal of Art & Design Education

From a Word Picture to a Painting: The Use of Marion Richardson's Visualisation Technique with Key Stage 1 Children

Volume 15.3   1996



This study uses a method of visualisation propounded by the art educator Marion Richardson (1892 - 1946), to discover if a non-specialist teacher could use this process to increase the technical and compositional skills of young children. The children involved were split into Control and Experimental Groups. The Experimental Group practised 'visualising' their pictures, before beginning to draw or paint. The completed pictures were marked separately by three independent assessors, used to making judgements on the quality of children's art work. At no time did any one except myself know the membership of either the Control or the Experimental Groups. It was predicted that there would be a small improvement in the quality of work of the Experimental group over and above that of the Control group. The results show that the Experimental group made significant progress over the Control group.