International Journal of Art & Design Education

Contextualising Craft: Pedagogical Models for Craft Education

Volume 28.3   2009



Craft education in Finland is, in many aspects, in a state of change. This concerns the independent position of craft as a school subject, the content of the compulsory craft courses containing textiles and technical work, the implementation of the new concept of a holistic craft process in the National Core Curriculum and so on. This bears relevance to the question of how craft should be taught at school.
This article explores the ways in which teachers can strengthen the relevance and meaningfulness of craft education at school. Teachers are challenged to provide more authentic instructional contexts and activities beyond the traditional curriculum in order to address successful living in today's society. One solution is to contextualise this teaching with the help of pedagogical models that realise the concept of holistic craft. The pedagogical models discussed in this article are based on curriculum publications, materials in print and research by other scholars.