International Journal of Art & Design Education

Curiositas and Studiositas: Investigating Student Curiosity and the Design Studio

Volume 30.2   2011



Curiosity is often considered the foundation of learning. There is, however, little understanding of how (or if) pedagogy in higher education affects student curiosity, especially in the studio setting of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. This article provides a brief cultural history of curiosity and its role in the design studio. The study also used quantitative and qualitative research methods to investigate curiosity among design students. Findings showed no significant relationship between curiosity and academic achievement, no significant difference in curiosity levels between female and male design students, and no significant difference in curiosity levels across various year levels or age groups. Results also revealed that the studio environment played a minor role in the origin and influence of student interests; student curiosities were affected more by travel, internships, family and non-studio courses.