International Journal of Art & Design Education

Art, Pedagogy and Dyslexia (pages 335–344)

Volume 33.3   2014



This paper is based on research examining strategies that some art teachers with dyslexia employ in the classroom. The research assumes that teachers with dyslexia must have devised personal ways to navigate through the educational system to achieve qualified teacher status. The question that this assumption generates is therefore: ‘what learning strategies, used by art teachers with dyslexia, can be used as pedagogical tools?’ To help answer this question, a group of art teachers with ‘severe’ dyslexia were purposefully chosen to participate in the research through interviews, observation and by providing autobiographical details. Through focused reflection on their teaching and learning, they were able to identify particular approaches that they had used in their own learning to inform their teaching. Some positive attributes associated with dyslexia, such as visual spatial awareness, were found to have helped them in their professional lives, in addition to a predictable empathy with struggling students.