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These pages list occasional papers produced by or of interest to the NSEAD community.

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A window to the world
A window to the world is a short film, by Steph Cubbin and Peter Thomas, teachers at The St Marylebone CE School. The film provides is extremely effective in making the case for the value of the arts in our schools. A window to the world was presented by Steph Cubbin and Kat Pugh, head teacher The St Marylebone CE School, at the APPG meeting 14 October 2015.
Minutes of the AGM held at The Birmingham & Midland Institute on Saturday 27th June 2015 can be downloaded here
NSEAD Annual Report 2013-2014 (PDF document)
You can read the full NSEAD Annual Report here
Guidelines for publishing and reviewing online (Word document)
These guidelines refer to NSEAD's reviewing and publishing of articles, e-books, films, videos and blogs. They aim to identify the NSEAD's terms of reference and methods of review for the publishing and sharing of e-materials online.
Effective questioning and talk in art and design (PDF document)
Authored by Ged Gast, NSEAD President-Elect, these revised and updated papers are intended for teachers to help develop questioning approaches. Effective questioning and talk in art and design supports teachers to: pre-plan questions and to select approaches for promoting classroom talk; prepare ‘open’ and ‘high-challenge’ questions; predetermine the level and type of challenge they wish to set, who they will target and how they will target specific groups in the classroom.

This second paper Using Bloom's Taxonomy in Art and Design – writing challenging questions provides example questions modelled on Bloom's taxonomy and focused on the artist Andrew Weyth.
NSEAD Annual Report 2012-2013 (PDF document)
You can read the full NSEAD Annual Report here
Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting (PDF document)
The Minutes of the AGM held at The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art on Saturday 22nd March 2014 can be downloaded here
Michael Eden, The Thinking Hand (PDF document)
Michael Eden shared reflections on the value of making at the 2014 NSEAD National Conference: Digital Futures in art, craft and design education. This thought provoking presentation describes Eden's tools and processes which combine old and new technologies: "I hope that my practice plays a part in demonstrating that the making of thoughtful objects, whether they be art, craft, design or some hybrid mix is an evolutionary process and must continue to evolve in order to make those disciplines relevant to the times that we live in." View Michael Eden's presentation here.
HEA Research on the impact of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence in two Edinburgh secondary schools (PDF document)
This 18 minute research video by Iain Macdonald, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, is a study of the impact of the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) in two secondary art and design departments in Edinburgh: Forrester High School and Portobello High School. The video includes interviews with teachers which provide insights into the challenges and potential of CfE in schools and feeder higher education institutions. View the research video here.
Art Matters: Newham Art Exhibition 2013 (PDF document)
The 'Art Matters' Newham Art Exhibition 2013 was a celebration of art and design across the curriculum in Newham Schools. This film of the exhibition provides both advocacy and inspiration in equal measure. View the Art Matters film by following this link.
Minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting (PDF document)
The Minutes of the AGM held at Oxford Brookes University on Saturday 23rd March 2013 can be downloaded here
Ofsted Art (art, craft and design) survey visits grade descriptors (PDF document)
Published by Ofsted these 'Art (art, craft & design) survey visits' descriptors provide generic guidance alongside subject-based descriptors for inspectors on making judgements during subect survey visits to schools. The ares of focus are:

The overall effectiveness of the subject
The achievement of pupils in the subject
The quality of teaching in the subject
The quality of the subject curriculum
The quality of leadership in, and management of, the subject.
Developing Objective led lessons in art & design and other papers (PDF document)
these Assessment for Learning guidance materials were originally published on the National Strategies website. They provide guidance for developing:
Objective led lessons in art and design
Oral feedback in art and design
Written feedback in art and design
Peer and self assessment in art and design
Curricular target setting in art and design
Questioning and dialogue in art and design
and Securing Progression in art and design
Comparison Chart of art and design curriculums (PDF document)
This is a comparison chart of the different key stage 3 curriculum models for art and design, from 1991 to the 2013 draft national curriculum. Author: Ged Gast
Art and Design – The exemplification of standards and guidance on improving these standards in KS3 (link below) (PDF document)
The Art and Design exemplification of standards files will help promote a common understanding of each of the levels and the different aspects of the subject that underpin each one. The guidance in the first 2 pages is not part of the exemplification materials, but is included purely to help provide a context to the ways in which art and design departments may choose to use these materials. Click this link to download the The art and design exemplification of standards file.
Ged Gast (Vice-President NSEAD)
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