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Issue 1

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  • START news
    Children’s Art Day
  • Simply to Dye For
    Tim Mainstone introduces beautiful Adire Cloth print and how it can be used in the classroom
  • Taking it to the Limits
    Derek Stears reviews creative material at Key Stage 2
  • Ideas for Early Years
    Kristen Ali Eglinton has ideas for motivating at pre-school level
  • The Primary Art and Design Subject
    Leaders’ Handbook
    Our pull-out and keep handbook by John Bowden starts here
  • Simple Perspective
    Teaching points from Giles Hughes
  • Do You DARE?
    ICT in schools should be about more than data processing and digital encyclopaedias. Rebecca Sinker introduces DARE a new primary CD 
  • Through the Eyes of a Child
    A new early years education philosophy developed in Italy is trialled in Cardiff with Nigel Meager
  • Power Drawing
    The Campaign for Drawing helps children to learn says Eileen Adams
  • All about Books
    New primary publications

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