Goodwill Art

It's not difficult to download art images on-line, but reliable educational material to help teachers to put them in context is less easy to come by.

Goodwill Art's well-proven resource is a labour-saving, easy-to-use teaching folder containing postcards, background notes and classroom activities. We cover scores of subjects — many of them cross-curricular — in particular for Critical Studies in the Art and Design curriculum. The aim is to help teachers to develop visual literacy.

For each subject 25 postcards (30 for World Religions) — from museums, galleries and publishers worldwide, enlargeable on whiteboards — come in a polypropylene folder in 4-up display pages. Succinct teaching notes — written by those who really know their subject — provide background information. Lesson plans are suggested by practical and experienced teachers. Many contributers have links with the NSEAD; for instance, a past President, the late Arthur Hughes, provided classroom ideas for the African art sets.

Our subjects range from 30 STARTER SETS on popular themes through MODERN ART history (5 sets covering Impressionism to Abstraction Expressionism & Pop Art), WORLD ART (6 sets including Art of the Caribbean, reviewed in iJADE in 2006), CRAFTS AND DESIGN TECHNOLOGY (3 Textiles sets, Jewellery and Body Adornment, Pots, Chairs and Masks) and six WORLD RELIGIONS THROUGH ART.

In 2007 Goodwill Art joined forces with the NSEAD, therefore we are delighted that anybody using this web site can now purchase any Goodwill subject for the SPECIAL PRICE OF £15 (plus £3 each p&p UK and Europe/£5 elsewhere). Please take a look and make your choice!

Carol Cattley, Director