Goodwill Art

Crafts and Design Technology:
Constructed Textiles

All fabric is made by bonding, weaving or knitting fibres together - using hand, power or digital tools.This folder explores felted, woven and knitted textiles. It discusse social, cultural, historic and economic circumstances in which they are made and considers how pupils'practical work can be developed.

20-page teaching notes

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Specimen cards in this set:

   *Belcher, H., Black and White, 1995
   Allen, J., Mangy dog, c.1980-90
   Barrington, A., Fern and Mimosa throws, 1997
   Belcher, H., Hats, 1991
   Brennand-Wood, M., El-Rayo-X, 1982
   Brennand-Wood, M., I know you know 1993
   Freeman, S., Fallen fragments, c.1995
   Honiton lace, Bird eating snail, (detail) c.1870
   Moncur, J., Red Ribes, 1994/5
   Newbery, F., Net Braiding, C19
   Sutherland, G., Christ in Glory, 1952-61
   Bertram, M., The Visit of the Angels, c.1390
   Holbein, H., George Gisze, 1532
   The Pursuit of Fidelity, c.1475-1500
   Garden carpet, C18
   Raphael, The Acts of the Apostles, 1515
   Tent felt floor cover, 1983
   Kuna mat, late C19
   Fragment, c.900-1100
   Tapa cloth, C19
   Fair Isle knitted scarf, c.1880
   Richards, A., Finned scarf, c.1980-90
   Shetland knitter, pattern from 1913
   Woman knitting with kishie of peats, c.1880
   Hanging for bridal ceremony, 1902