Goodwill Art

Crafts and Design Technology:
Sewn, pieced and embroidered textiles

Looks at how, why and when scissors, needle-and-thread and the sewing machine have been used to cut, reassemble and make marks on fabric.

20-page teaching notes

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Specimen cards in this set:

   Woman's blouse (detail), late C19-early C20
   *Miller, L., Jay Girl, 1997
   Binns, P., Sand Section IV, 1996
   Boston, L., High magic patchwork, c.1961
   Brennand-Wood, M., Charlemagne, 1978
   Burbridge, P., Intercut Fish Harmony, 1991
   Crazy quilt, 1892
   Fassett, K., Needlepoint, c.1980
   Hannah Smith's casket, 1654-56
   Kettle, A., Basking Aphrodite V, 1993
   King Charles Spaniel, 1840
   Mitchison, L., Bustle, 1995
   Nicholson, M., Herve Douglas, c.1991
   Sampler, 1788
   Searle, T., Poppies jacket, (detail), 1996
   Walker, M., Aquarius 3, 1987
   Worrall Hood, J., et al, Jack, 1992
   Man's coat (detail), early C20
   Bayeux Tapestry, (detail), C12
   Fante flag, pre-1957
   Baltimore Bride's Quilt, mid-C19
   Sioux tent cover, mid-C19
   Taylor Middleton Rogers, S., Quilt, 1852
   Skirt cloth (detail of border), late C19
   Woman's blouse front (detail), early C20