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World Religions Through Art:
Hinduism through Art

Hinduism has no historical founder, yet it has a vast and complex array of gods, whose deeds and attributes are recounted in holy texts, some dating back 4,000 years. These have inspired artists, sculptors and temple builders in India, where art and religion have always been inseparable.

32-page teaching notes, 30 postcards, map

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Specimen cards in this set:

   *Vishnu Narayana reclining on the Cosmic Serpent
   A child bridegroom in Rajasthan
   A Hindu Maharajah, Jagat Sing I, worshipping Krishna
   A life-size plaster image of Durga at her October festival
   Arjuna, portrayed by a Kathakali dancer
   Celebration in a temple, Rajasthan
   Ceremony of worshipping Lakshmi, goddess of wealth
   Divali, the autumn Festival of Lights
   Durga, a fierce aspect of the mother goddess
   Festival worshipping the mother goddess Gangaur
   Flower-bedecked model of Ganesh carried in procession
   Ganesh, the elephant-headed God of Good Beginnings
   Garuda (half-man, half-eagle), vehicle of Lord Vishnu
   Hanuman surrounded by his monkey army
   Hanuman, Lord Rama's monkey general Krishna playing the flute in the forests of Vrindavan
   Krishna subduing the serpent demon Kaliya
   Krishna temple in Vijayanagar, old capital of south India
   Krishna with Radha, in their wedding procession
   Lakshmi, consort of Vishnu and Goddess of Abundance
   Lord Krishna, god of love, with the milkmaids
   Lord Rama, the ideal warrior and hero of the Ramayana
   Pandits meditating at Benares on the sacred river Ganges
   Saraswati, goddess of learning, music and the arts
   Shiva as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance, with his bull Nandi
   Shiva Vishapaharana, god who saves humans from death
   Shiva, the god who symbolises the processes of change
   Shore temple dedicated to Shiva, Mahabalapuram
   Temple dedicated to Swaminarayan, Neasden, London
   Varaha, the Boar, rescuing Bhu Devi, the Earth Goddess