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World Religions Through Art:
Islam through Art

The people who have shaped Islamic culture were nomadic, and Islamic art and the desert nomad share certain perspectives. These comprehend that the world is impermanent, and favour concise thought, action and expression. The purity of Islamic art lies in omission. Where form is created the Islamic artist is keenly aware of the importance of rhythm, light and shade.

32-page teaching notes, 30 postcards, map

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Specimen cards in this set:

   *Great Mosque, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
   A band of pilgrims on the way to Makkah, C16, Persia
   African mosque, C17, Ghana
   Angel Jibril (Gabriel), C14, Iraq
   Arab steed, C20, India
   Ascent of the Prophet Muhammad to heaven, C16, Persia
   Astrolabe, 1659-60, Persia
   Bedouin embroidery, C20, Syria
   Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, C7
   Endowment deed of a princess, C1 , Turkey
   Garden site of the Taj Mahal, C19, India
   Great Mosque Hassan II, C20, Casablanca, Morocco
   Illustration of the shrine at Madinah, C17, Turkey
   Instruction in the Qur'an, C20, India
   Interior of the Taj Mahal, C19, India Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco
   Mosque lamp, C14, Egypt
   Mughal tent hanging, C18, India
   Pen-box, C13, Persia
   Prayer mat or wall hanging, C17, India
   Prunus blossom, detail of Iznik bowl, C16, Turkey
   Quba Mosque, Madinah, Saudi Arabia, C7
   Qur'anic quotation in Arabic calligraphy, C20, France
   Record of restoration of a minbar (pulpit), C19, Turkey
   The Ardabil carpet, C16, Persia
   The armies of Islam, C16, Turkey
   The opening of surah 7, C14, Egypt
   The opening surah (chapter) of the Qur'an, C15
   Tomb of the Prophet, Madinah
   World map based on C12 Arabic geography, C16