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World Religions Through Art:
Judaism through Art

Since early times Jewish artistry has produced exquisite ritual ornaments. Moreover, as the Jewish people spread across the western world contact with Christian art led to greater tolerance of human representation. Judaic art thus displays a great diversity. Yet two groups and styles can be distinguished - the Ashkenazi from Eastern Europe and the Sephardi or 'Moorish' from Spain.

32-page teaching notes, 30 postcards, map

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Specimen cards in this set:

   My) Wedding by Malcah Zeldis
   *Jacob's funeral, Jewish folk print from the Ukraine
   A Seder meal, Jewish folk print from the Ukraine
   Belshazzar's Feast, by Rembrandt van Rijn
   David and Goliath, Jewish folk print from the Ukraine
   Day of Atonement, by Jacob Kramer, City Art Gallery, Leeds
   Design for the Seventh Plague of Egypt by John Martin
   Drowning of the Pharoah in the Red Sea by Damaris Pearse
   Feast of the Tabernacles meal by Jeremias Wachsmuth
   Festival prayer book, Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam
   Flag for the Rejoicing of the Law, Simchat Torah
   Haggadah, Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam
   Interior of Bevis Marks Synagogue, City of London
   Jewish Amulet, State Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg
   Laver and Ewer, Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam Light and Colour (Goethe's Theory) by J.M.W. Turner
   Menorah window, Jewish Museum, Manchester
   Mizrach, Klutznick Museum, Washington DC
   Moses on Mt. Sinai and Worship of Golden Calf by Honore
   Sabbath candlesticks, Klutznick Museum, Washington DC
   Scene from the Life of Isaac by Benjamin Senior Godines
   Spice boxes, Klutznick Museum, Washington DC
   The Bodleian Bowl, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
   The Finding of Moses by Giovanni Baptista Tiepolo
   The Judgment of Solomon, miniature from Hebrew bible
   The Reconciliation of Jacob and Esau by Peter Paul Rubens
   The scroll of Esther, Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam
   The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
   Torah mantles, finials, crowns, Jewish Museum, Amsterdam
   Torah scroll case, Klutznick Museum, Washington DC