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Winter landscapes

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This lesson could take place in the Winter - especially if it has snowed. If not, make a collection of photographs of winter landscapes. Also look at examples of work by an appropriate artist. Children in this project talked about winter landscapes by the Welsh painter Kyffin Williams.

Talk about snow. Ask the children what is the colour of snow. They will reply that it is white - then encourage them to look at the photographs and paintings to see if snow is always pure white.

They will say they can see shades of grey, cream, even green and pink. A collection of whites can be made which can include paper materials, plastics, wool etc. Talk to the children about how they can mix these shades of white. You need to stress to them that the will need very little colour and a lot of white.

Let them experiment and record their results on a sheet of A3 paper. Exhibit the 'investigations in white' and talk about what shades have been mixed and how they were achieved.

There are many references in to colour mixing. The most often used strategy is the one explored in 'Colour mixing with paint'.

When the paint is dry, the children can use charcoal and pastel to make a collection of line and mark patterns. This exercise will allow the children to practise using smudgy media before they do so on their finished landscape.

Let the children look at photographs of landscapes - an appropriate artist - or look at the real thing if you are lucky enough to have it outside your classroom window! Talk about what can be seen in the landscape, for example, mountains, hills, fields, houses, walls, fences and trees. Ask the children to use charcoal to draw mountains, hills and fields - no details at this stage.

Once again, children will mix shades of white and use them for their landscape. Once the paint is dry, the children can use pastels and charcoal to draw the details of their landscape (houses, trees, sheep, etc). The children should be encouraged to use their imagination.

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For more ideas why not try typing 'landscape' into the search engine?

The finished work can be exhibited and the children can talk abut their pictures.

Drawing and painting media, variety of papers/materials, examples of artistÕs work, photographs of winter landscapes