The Community for School Improvement

Vacancies on the NSEAD Professional Development Board

The Professional Development Board is responsible to the NSEAD Council. The responsibilites of the Board shall be to advise Council on all matters relating to initial teacher education, local, national and where appropriate international continuing professional development courses, conferences and events to include the Artist Teacher Scheme.


1. To initiate discussion, research, development, and consideration of any matters relating to tecaher education and continuing professional development and refer such matters as appropriate to Council and/or the Finance and General Purposes Committee.
2. To initiate and facilitate collaboration and communication between institutions, local authorities and national agencies with responsibility for CPD.
3. To liaise between the teacher education sector and other sectors of art and design education.
4. To liaise with other established Boards of Council, in particular the Curriculum Board, and to respond to requests for materials from or submitt materials to the Publications Board.
5. To organise and quality assure professional development courses, seminars, workshops and conferences and other events relating to teacher education or CPD in support of the Society's CPD plan and business plan.
6. To consider any matters referred to by Council
7. To submit reports to Council as determined by Council.

The Professional Development Board meets three times a year. All travel expenses are supported by the Society.

Anyone wishing to apply for one of the two vacancies on the Professional Development Board should notify the General Secretary John Steers who will provide an application form and a timetable for elections.

17 Jun 2011