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NSEAD Elections 2013

Andrew Mutter stands down as Past President of the Society on 31 December 2013 after four years of stalwart service. The Society has therefore asked its members to elect a President to serve for the next four years, as President Elect 2014, President 2015-16 and Past President 2017.
We were privileged with two candidates, Peter Gregory and Ged Gast. The election was managed by the Electoral Reform Service and I enclose the Scrutineers Report of Voting.
Thank you to Peter Gregory and Ged Gast for their energy and commitment to the work of the Society and congratulations to Ged Gast as our President Elect from 1 January 2014.
Please note that our current President, Susan Coles will continue as President throughout 2014, and as Past President throughout 2015.


Our report of voting for the above election which closed today at noon is as follows:

Number of eligible voters: 1537
Total number of votes cast: 369
Turnout: 23.5%
Number of votes found to be invalid: 0
Total number of valid votes to be counted: 369


GAST, Ged 207 Elected
GREGORY, Peter 162

As Scrutineers appointed in accordance with Section 49 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (as amended), we are satisfied as to each of the matters specified in subsection 52(2) with regard to the election. The following points should be noted:

a) The person appointed under section 51A to carry out the storage and counting of voting papers was Electoral Reform Services Limited.

b) The person appointed under section 51A to carry out the distribution of voting papers was Electoral Reform Services Limited.

c) A copy of the register of voters (as at the relevant date) was examined in accordance with section 49(3). The examination took place at our own instance and did not reveal any matter that should be brought to the attention of the trade union.