Trade Union support

Trade Union support from NSEAD

The Society is an independent trade union within the meaning of Section 30 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act 1974*

Teachers, Newly Qualified Teachers and Newly Qualified Lecturers, and Life Members in the United Kingdom have the option to receive full trade union benefits. For a membership fee comparable to other unions the NSEAD provides not only trade union services but all the functions of a specialist subject association and learned society.

As a member with the legal aid and employment support option we provide a bespoke, confidential service on your behalf, with a focus on the specific needs of teachers of art, craft and design.

*The definition of ‘independent trade union’ is of considerable importance. It is a union which:

– Is not under the domination or control of an employer or group of employees or one or more employers’ associations
– Is not liable to interference by an employer or any such group association (arising out of the provision of financial or material support or by any other means whatsoever) tending towards such control.

In practice it is the Certification Office who determines whether a trade union is independent as a certificate issued by the office is conclusive.