Exec Summary and Full Report for APPG Art Craft and Design in Education

This inquiry into art, craft and design education was led by The APPG for Art, Craft and Design in Education Research Group. The findings can be downloaded as.a full report or executive summary.

The inquiry began on 17 November 2020 with two preliminary evidence sessions, chaired by Sharon Hodgson MP and Nicholas Trench, The Earl of Clancarty. Nineteen reports and case studies were also gathered for the report. 

This report is a collation of findings from two sessions. The sessions took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. The findings therefore acknowledge the impact of lockdowns on creative education in schools, in further and higher education. 

The Research Group were also concerned about the impact of the pandemic on the creative sector, and how the pipeline of talent into those industries was in danger of becoming more fragmented and homogenised. Their specific enquiry focuses on: the benefits a creative education can have for learning, culture, wellbeing and society, while recognising the barriers that threaten access for some pupils and students to studying the arts

Download the Exec Summary 

Download the Full Report


MEMBERS OF THE STEERING GROUP include Helen Burns; Prof. Susan Coles; Hilary Cresty; Samantha Broadhead; Patricia Thomson; Dr. Kate Noble; Lucy Kennedy; Paula Briggs; NIicholas Trench ; Georgina Spry; Vicky Prior; Dr. Penny Hay; Liz Macfarlane; Ruth Sapsed; Richard Davies; Elizabeth Bainbridge; Sheila Ceccarelli; Michele Gregson; Baroness Sue Nye. 

MEMBERS OF REPORT WRITING WORKING PARTY :Prof. Susan Coles, Prof Patricia Thomson , Dr. Helen Burns, Prof. Samantha Broadhead

PEER REVIEWERS: Dr. Kate Noble, The Fitz William Museum and The Earl of Clancarty