ARAE Curriculum Checklist

The Curriculum Checklist is for art and design educators working in schools, colleges, universities and initial teacher education.

The NSEAD Anti-Racist Art Education Curriculum Checklist will help art educators to critically review and revise their art, craft and design curriculums. The checklist is designed in sections which are non-linear. The questions seek to encourage self, department and/or organisational reflection. The questions ask:

  • Who is seen (practitioners),
  • What is used (art, craft and design)
  • How are they positioned (the advantages or disadvantages given to the work)

The Anti-Racist Art Education Curriculum Checklist is the most extensive of the three checklists. The questions are catergorised under six main headings: Diversity and Belonging, Cultural Capital, Criticality and on page 2, Colonial Legacy, Context & Terminology; Intersectionality and Unconscious bias. These sections then break down into deeper questions that seek to interrogate more explicitly the contents of our curriculums through more specific examples.

What this checklist hopefully acknowledges, is that the journey into diversifying or decolonising a curriculum is not a quick process. It is also a process that can be uncomfortable. By asking just one of the questions, it is our hope that the checklists can support a deep questioning of the anti-racist learning that we provide and that we ourselves can inspire. 

Download the ARAE Curriculum Checklist here