ARAE Publication and Resources Checklist

The Publication & Resources Checklist is for art educators authoring website content, articles or research.

The NSEAD ARAEA Publication & Resources Checklist is asking for every art, craft and design educator to use the checklists. to help critically review and revise any art, craft and design publications, websites and resources that you are making or writing.

Whilst the questions are listed from 1-10 the checklist is non-linear and the questions raised are not intended to be read in any order. The ARAEA suggest that the checklists are best used as a set of questions to be returned to again and again – for discussion and review.

The questions cover ‘who’ is given space, ‘what’ is included, ‘how’ terminology is used and framed and most importantly a leading question that asks what else need scrutiny in your setting.

It is hoped that this checklist will start the process of review or to feed into anti-racist practice already started.

Download the ARAEA Publication & Resources Checklist here