Anti-Racist Art Education Action (ARAEA)

The killing of George Floyd in June 2020, was a wake-up call, a reminder of the systemic racism which threads through society at every level. As a learned society ourselves, NSEAD has a duty to keep learning and to be part of real change. We are aware that we need to do more, to challenge racism and recognise what it looks like in art, craft, and design education.

Anti-Racist Art Education Action (ARAEA) Group was set up in July 2020 to ensure that NSEAD, our subject and all who engage in it, are actively anti-racist – The ARAEA Group aim to audit, identify and help implement what actions are needed to achieve this.

All ARAEA members have contributed a combination of time, expertise and lived voice to create a suite of checklists to support members and partner organisations to be actively anti-racist. 

The checklists, with a focus on Curriculum, Publications and School Resources, are intended to support art educators in being and becoming actively anti-racist. The checklists will be helpful for art educators across all phases, and for colleagues working in partner organisations and across the cultural sector. 

The ARAEA checklists once published will be regularly reviewed. To help the ARAEA learn from and about your anti-racist practice, please email   

NSEAD will be publishing all three checklists in the June 2021.

We are extremely grateful to the ARAEA Group members:

Jo Barber, Assistant Head Teacher, Aspire

Paul Brennan, Consultant, ARAEA working group

Tyler Denmead, Fellow and Director of Studies, Lecturer in Education,  University of Cambridge

Emily Gopaul, Consultant, Primary specialist

Rebecca Goozee, Crafts Council

Dr Peter Gregory, Senior Lecturer in Education, CCCU

Michele Gregson, General Secretary, NSEAD

Trevor Horsewood, Engagement Officer, Association for Art History 

Sophie Leach, Deputy General Secretary, NSEAD, and ARAEA lead officer

Liz Macfarlane, NSEAD President and F&GP Equalities, Diversity and Belonging lead

DIanne Minnicucci, Art and Photography Teacher, Thomas Tallis

Clare Stanhope, Subject Lead, Harris Academy, ARAEA working group

Lucy Williams, Art and Technology Lead, Harris Academy

Marlene Wylie, Creative Education Consultant and ARAEA working group advisor